MARIA MICHAELS MOUSSA (Executive Producer/Screenwriter)  Maria is a New York-based producer/writer/choreographer and performing artist of Lebanese and French background. As the founder of Angel Michael Productions, she aims  to produce content by and about women and other under-represented groups. Her love of filmmaking began at Rhode Island College, where she studied film as an undergrad, creating her first short film about an evil doll that comes to life (hello Chucky).  With Tarab, she's thrilled to bring together her love of filmmaking, dance and acting. As founder of BlissDance Productions, Maria has produced well-reviewed instructional MIddle Eastern dance DVD's and numerous live dance/theater productions.  She has an MFA from the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU.  Maria has appeared in films, television, off-Broadway plays, musical theater and opera. As one of NYC's leading belly dancers, she has performed for numerous celebrities including Sir Ben Kingsley, Shakira, Justin Timberlake, Sarah Jessica Parker and many more.   The Metropolitan Opera cast her in two principal roles, the Vision Dancer and the Oriental Dancer, in the opera, Thais. As artistic director/choreographer of the Middle Eastern dance company, Nadia and Dancers, she has performed across the U.S. and the world, including at the Public Theatre, Joyce Theatre Soho, the United Nations, Barnard College, Princeton University and many others. 

JENNIFER HANLEY (Director/Producer) Jennifer fell in love with filmmaking at a very young age, acting in school plays and directing her friends in homemade movies. From there she worked her way through various departments of Development, Production, and Post Production. Jennifer has studied acting in Los Angeles, New York, and London. Most recently she was the Post Production Coordinator in Ron Howard's Inferno and was an Associate Producer on the recently released film Decay.

LEILA BICOS (Producer) Leila didn't discover her passion for acting and filmmaking until much later in life, when she abandoned a PhD program in Psychology for acting classes and an internship for Dustin Hoffman at Punch Productions. She has acted in several award winning short films and her theater performances have been written about in The New Yorker and Theatermania. Most recently she has been independently consulting on scripts.

JOYCE LAO (Co-Producer)  Joyce is a New York based performer and Music Director. She has a degree in Psychology (pre-med), Special Education, MA in Music and attended Stella Adler School of Acting. She has produced, acted and written a number of short films that have been screened in the film festival circuit. She is also the co-creator/producer of a new webseries endorsed by Youtube entitled, “These Three Girls”. Her Directorial debut, “Hecuba” won Runner – up as Best Ensemble and she also won Runner-up for Best Director at the Ancient Drama Festival 2012. She also won Best Performance of an Ensemble for the musical "Alien Adventure- The Adventure" written by Jon Freda for her performance as Capt. Duda  at the Midtown International Theater Festival Awards in 2014. Her last original work, "Behind the Wall-An Autism Performance Piece" with Andy Miyamotto at the NYC Fringe Festival 2015 was well received and is in the process of development to be shown on tour. As an artist and performer, she is geared towards original work, she also has the passion to help and promote other talents - most especially multi-talented people of color and of Asian descent. This passion turned into a vision and she therefore founded The Ally Artists Group ( . For more information, visit her website at