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TARAB Is Arabic for musical ecstasy, bliss, or enchantment; an extreme emotional transformation leading to intense feelings of joy, sorrow, or sadness.

A concept with no exact english translation...

TARAB has it all: Heart,Humor & Hummous!




TARAB  follows Mena, a single, successful female lawyer, who is married to her career. While her Lebanese mother & family push her to find marriage in hopes of grandchildren, Mena realizes she has been working so hard that she has not noticed how much time has passed. She has lost her spark or light within herself. Until, one day, she finds her passion within a form of dance that is not widely accepted as a professional career in her culture: belly dancing.


But how long can Mena keep up this double life? If her secret gets out, her family will be shocked and embarrassed. Will she lose her job? Will she have to give up the one thing that has re-connected her to herself? Find out in this truly incredible story of acceptance, culture, family, community, diversity, equality & love that is TARAB.


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